Your First Painting Lesson

Let this simple picture be your first painting lesson

Your First Painting Lesson---------------------

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This first painting lesson might seem too simple.
It looks simple but it has a lot for you to learn.

Here are the tips for getting the most out of this lesson

Don’t try to paint a perfect picture. Try to follow the instructions of how to use the brush.
Keep the horizon low and white.
Don’t curve the horizon over.
Have a practice on some spare canvas before you add the fine trees to the painting.
Try for some branches crossing.
You will use these techniques for painting branches and grass in all paintings so best to learn them now.
Here is the transcripts for this video
In this lesson we concentrate on learning to use the fine haired brush and painting fine lines, you will need to thin your paint to get very thin lines also we learn to hold the brush with two fingers and let the brush paint the branch, don’t try and control it too much.
We start by painting in the sky. The sky is just white paint over the area where the sky will be and we’ll add a little bit of burnt umber.
I’m painting on prepared artist canvas, don’t paint big pictures.

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Bring your white down about two thirds of the way down and spread it out with horizontal brush strokes using the tip of your brush.
We then add the brown from the top down with crisscrossed brush strokes – I didn’t clean my brush then, maybe you should wipe yours clean before you pick up the brown.
Leave the white at the bottom of the sky, don’t bring your brown brush down into the white, and spread it out with horizontal brush strokes so you have gradually getting darker as you go up into the sky
We’ll block the bottom in with some dark brown, this is the ground area and then place a nice full brush load of white over the horizon line area.
Wipe your brush, pick up dark and darken the area down where our feet are.
With the fan brush, touch it on and off along the horizon line to give us little grass and when we come down into the bigger grass which is right at our feet we put the brush on and push it up and off.
I need a bit more paint there to get it nice and dark in the corners, very dark in the corners and sloping into the picture.
With the little fine hair brush, I’ve loaded it with two colors, we put white on one side and dark on the other, just put it on where you want to start the tree, bring it up and twiddle the brush in your fingers, the white and dark will come off the brush giving you a splendid branch affect.
Always have dark in the ground underneath the tree, slope your tree into the picture, don’t put it right in the middle of the painting, touch up the grass underneath the tree.
And with the fan brush loading one side with white, you can get these beautiful little flower affect on top of your grass.

Let’s put another tree in the distance, this tree of corse will be smaller, and therefore you need to use the very tip of the brush.
Look at the slope with your trees as far as perspective goes, we’ll talk more about perspective later.
Here’s the few things you should keep in mind while painting this picture – keep the white in the middle, the dark in the corners and don’t worry too much about things missing like the bottom of our tree or your branches not being so good, don’t worry about the distance, let the viewer work out what’s there.
And there we have a beautiful little landscape painting, easy to do.
So you might want to paint a few of these little paintings, you can paint one without the video and put it in for comment and we see if we can help you improve your skills.
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by Len Hend

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