Arrangement in Painting

Arrangement in painting is to make people look and keep looking at the picture

Arrangement in PaintingArrangement in painting

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Arrangement in painting notes

Bright in the center
Dark in the corners
Uninteresting in the corners

arrangement in painting
Face everything into the picture
Keep the horizon line above or below the center
Do not make the arrangement too busy
Do not put objects equally spaced
Make objects size relevant to size of painting
Do not drop items off at side of picture
Arrangements can be eye catching

You need the GLOW – most important

To have an attract arrangement in painting a bright object or glow in the area of the middle of the painting is excellent. To achieve this you need to ensure that the corners of the painting are dull and darker than the middle area.
There are many arrangements for paintings however it is important to create a picture that people will enjoy viewing. When arranging the painting you should consider the few facts set out in this video lesson.

If you sell your paintings you might find that a certain arrangement is most popular, so there is nothing wrong with painting the same picture over and over. Also you can paint the same arrangements in different colors or on different shaped canvases for it is not easy to keep thinking up new arrangements.Painting dvdsWhile you are learning to paint and becoming familiar with the brush and the colors you will not be able to remember all these little points about arrangement in painting but these little points will gradually come back to you and one day you will arrange your paintings without needing to look at your notes – keep painting little pictures and refer back to this page every now and then.
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by Len Hend

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