Tones of Colors in Landscape Painting

Tones of colors are possibly the most misunderstood subject when painting landscapes.

Tones of Colors in Landscape Paintingtones of colors

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Start thinking about how mountains are pale in tone and the ground at your feet is dark in tone

Tones of colors become stronger as they come nearer

Tones of colors for landscape painting is difficult to understand at first but when you see the basic rules then you begin to understand.

The tones of colors fade into the distance

That is what you need to understand. The tones and color in a landscape painting can be easily managed if you work with a limited palette and abide by the simple rule that everything fades into the distant colors.tones of green
In this video the simple rules about tones of colors is explained in detail.

Look around when outdoors at the obvious fading of colors

The toning down of colors.

Observe how distant mountains are pale. Observe how there is a destinct difference in the colors of motor vehicles when they are far away. And be aware that this fading tones of colors is a very organized and constant thing. You must show this organized and constant fading of the colors in your landscape paintings. You must get it right or your paintings will be out of perspective as far as the tones of colors goes.
To gain control of the tones of colors it is necessary to know about having the correct tones in the correct place but it is also wise to use a limited palette with just the three primary colors of the day and a few extra handy colors.
With the colors of the day you should mix a grey and use the grey as the darker areas of the foliage.
The grey should be toned down for the distance and dark in the foreground.
It might be easier to use a color off the shelf but this method of choosing paler tones and colors will leave your work in the amateur basket if you ever show your landscape paintings to be judged.

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