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About painting mediums for oils and acrylics when painting landscapes

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Medium to us here means oil or acrylic.
Painting mediums are fluids to mix with the paint.
When thinking about mediums just think kerosene or water for thinnning the paint and cleaning up.

Kerosene might be called paraffin in your country. See the following page for more about this.
Until you become a highly skilled painter it is not worth thinking about fancy painting mediums.
You can try different mediums later but first let’s just learn to paint.

Don’t use fancy painting mediums

painting mediums

Don’t use linseed oil

Much conversation in arty circles is ‘what painting mediums do you use to thin your oil paints’. Ignore it.
A lot of oil painting mediums contain linseed oil and linseed oil can make it impossible to paint wet on wet.
Unless your colors are thinned all to exactly the same consistency, the linseed oil will cause problems.

It is not worth listening to the arguments about paintings will last for hundreds of years with the correct painting mediums. You are learning to paint and if you thin your oil paints with a few drops of kerosene than you will not be wondering if the medium is interfering with your painting skills.
Wax Medium and Acrylic Retarder
There are two products that I have used with satisfaction.
Wax Medium made by Art Spectrum in Australia.
And the common Acrylic Retarder which is made by most artist acrylic paint manufacturers.
The Wax Medium comes in various sized from tube to bottle and a little in the oil paint keeps is quite creamy.
With the Acrylic Retarder medium I find that you do need to use a lot and it can become expensive.
If you paint with acrylics, you wash your brushes with water or soapy water.
If you paint with oils, you wash your brushes with kerosene.

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by Len Hend

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