Paint Mountains

Learn how to paint mountains in oils or acrylics with wet on wet loose painting techniques.

Paint Mountainspaint mountains

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Learn the finer points of painting mountains.
There are a few rules.
Don’t have the mountains sloping down and off the edge of the painting as this can attract the viewers eye down and off. It is better to have mountains that attract the eye into the painting with a downward slope.

Keep the mountains in perspective

Distant mountains are pale and usually not as big in length as the nearer mountains, so you might see five mountain tops in the far distant and one mountain nearby.
Don’t make all the mountains the same shape paint mountains
Avoid pointy mountains unless you need to paint pointy mountains. They do not look as peaceful as pleasant curves.
Do not put a redish or purple mountain behind a blue mountain. Blue is the color of the most distant mountains and the color red becomes visable in closer mountains.

In Australia a good color for distant mountains is cobalt blue. As the mountains become closer we add crimson which makes a purple. As the mountains become closer again we add raw sienna to the purple and that gives us the grey.

Trees on the mountains

When painting trees on distant mountains it is important to mix enough of the pale green grey to finish painting the whole mountain. If you run out of the color then you might have difficulty trying to mix that same color again.

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by Len Hend

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