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Paint clouds this simple and clever way with oils and acrylics.

Paint Cloudspaint clouds

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Give yourself a few minutes to learn how to paint clouds

You might find this strange but often you can learn how simple it is to paint clouds by having a practice with your eyes shut.
Try not to control the shape and tones of the clouds until you can confidently use the wet on wet cloud painting technique.

Once you have learned the technique you can paint big and little clouds and change the colors and mood of the clouds.
paint clouds

If the clouds are not the main feature in your painting it is wise to keep them looking far away.
To make your clouds look far away you can brush them over with soft brushstrokes all in the same direction and this will blur the paint and take the sharpness away from the clouds. paint clouds
Brushing the clouds over will give them the appearance that they are moving.

By practising how to paint clouds on a spare piece of canvas you will be more confident and relaxed when painting your landscapes in oil or acrylic.

Avoid the common mistakes in painting clouds

Don’t paint several puffy balls, join the clouds together.
Don’t stop the clouds just before the edge of the painting, let them come in from outside the painting.
Don’t have the clouds all of the same height across the painting, clouds are up and down on top.
Don’t curve the clouds distinctly down and off the sides of a painting as this can cause a person to look down and off, sloping down and in is okay.Painting dvds
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