Artist canvas for landscapes

Prepared artist canvas is the best to start painting on with oils or acrylics.

Artist Canvas for Landscapesartist canvas

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When learning to paint landscapes it is important to use the correct surface to paint on.
Even if you only use the correct surface once it is good to find out how the paint flows onto the surface so you can then compare other surfaces.

Here is a few options for surfaces to paint on.

Artist canvas for landscape painting may be in rolls or canvas stretched on a frame, or canvas panels (thin canvas on cardboard).artist canvas
The cheap prepared canvas on cardboard that is often sold in variety stores are okay for learning to paint.
Instead of artist canvas you may also use partical board undercoated with white acrylic house paint.
Good sizes for art panels:- 9×12, 11×14, 12×16, 14×18 inches are good sizes to start but any size will be ok.
Square art panels are not so good for landscape painting, the rectangular panels are more useful.

You may hear about ‘gesso’ – I have never used gesso and you might wish to find out more about it and use it to pre coat your surface to paint on but I prefer to purchase the canvas which has been already coated, prepared artist canvas.
The surface must be sealed or your paint will soak in and dry too fast. Most artist canvas and boards or panels are sealed before you buy them and are ready to paint on,
We use the same surfaces for oil and acrylic.
You might note that oil paint will stick well over an acrylic paint but acrylic paint will not stick well over an oil paint.
Almost any flat sealed surface is ideal for practicing the brushstrokes.
A few students have started painting on paper.
Okay, paper is not a good backing for wet on wet in oil or acrylic, the paper is usually porous and the paint will dry before you can blend the colors, the paper often wrinkles when paint is applied, we should all use ‘prepared artist canvas’
However, I can’t expect everyone to run out and purchase canvas and the paper is as good as anything to train your hand to control the brush and to get an idea of what painting landscapes is all about – also if you paint on paper and then move on to the proper canvas then you will have learned why the canvas is best.
Learning about art materials and learning to paint and to know how to teach other to paint is what this course is about.

Here is the actual transcripts of the video about canvas
We talk now about canvas and art boards and how to glue down your canvas.

This is a typical piece of artist picture canvas. On one side it is prepared ready to accept the paint. The canvas usually comes in six meter rolls and it’s usually about five to six foot wide. I buy two meters at a time.

You might use these little art panels. They’re very convenient, they come in many sizes, nine by twelve or eleven by fourteen, ten by twelve are good sizes to start with.Painting dvds

Also available is this stretched canvas which is stretched on a frame. It’s okay but you might find it a little bit bouncy when you paint on it.

If you wish you can prepare hardboard by giving it one or two coats of acrylic house paint and then you give a little bit of a rub with a fine sandpaper.

Now let’s glue down some canvas. You cut your canvas to be a bit bigger than the board you wish to glue it to, mine’s a bit too big.
Then you put a good coat of glue on the board and stick the canvas to it.
When you put the glue on the board, put plenty on.

This is the white PVA glue, a very common glue, often used for woodwork. Give the board a thick coat of glue by spreading it with a spreader and simply place the canvas on top and spread it out with your hand, flatten it with your hand, and when it’s dry you can trim it up with a knife.

So there’s you art board ready to paint on. It’s just canvas glued to a board with PVA glue.

And if you wish to glue down a finished painting we do exactly the same.
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by Len Hend

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