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You can paint landscapes of Australia in oils or acrylics. Start simple. Learn the brush skills. Learn how to make your landscape paintings look great.
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You Can Paint Landscapes of Australia

I'm your teacher Paint landscapes Australia tutorial painting dvds

You can paint landscapes of Australia by following the step by step tutorials. Start simple. Learn the brush skills. Learn how to make the paintings look great.
There is much information here about arrangements, perspective, colours and tones of colours. The pages on this website are set out as progressive lessons. By starting from the beginning you will master the brush skills while absorbing the knowledge needed to become a successful landscape painter. The first lessons are simple monocolor paintings and are designed for you to learn the brush skills. Children may also learn to paint landscapes from these tutorials. If you are an established artist or a teacher of painting, there is much useful information and tips in these pages. The comments section is open on most pages for all to use. Comments will be checked for spam before publication. Take you time, browse the website, read the introduction page and settle into a relaxing and rewarding pastime. Cheers and happy painting.

Start with monocolour

australian landscape

Move on to more advanced

australian landscape river

Then is the advanced


  1. Hi Len I am In Scotland and have revisited your website after an absence of a couple of years
    Feel like I’ve met up with an old friend
    Thanks for all your inspiration

    1. Welcome back old friend

  2. Hi Len, I recently sent you a photo of a puppy portrait that I painted approximately 6 months ago. I have done at least 20 animal portraits and also several landscapes. I am self taught but now that I am retired from my maimn occupation I want to concentrate on painting full time. I haven’t studied the beginners course but I feel that my experience should hold me in good stead to attempt the advanced course. Time will tell! I look forward to the experience as I want to study a range of technique to broaden my experience and possibly take the step of being a commercial artist. I can afford the time now to commit to the effort fully.

    1. Hi Robert-thanks for your interest in my free painting course. The beginners course teaches how to load and unload the brush and knife. By starting from the beginning you will practice the skills of painting all the items in a landscape with the techniques that I teach. Unless you are skilled in double loading the brush and painting the items in deliberate strokes without going back and touching them up I would suggest that you start from the beginning and become familiar with these professional painting skills.

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